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About Dr. Gary Tunsky

Dr. Tunsky, of Precision Healing Technologies, is a traditional naturopath with a 24-year diverse background in a wide array of healing arts. He is an international speaker/author/lecturer and a professional member of AANC & ABEIM (Academy of Biological Environmental Integrative Medicine).  He frequently hosts a variety of radio and television talk shows, including “The Power Hour” with Captain Joyce Riley, “The Trinity Broadcast Network,” and “WYKE Christian Television.”  Gary has authored the extraordinary book, “The Battle for Health Is Over pH,” and has recently co-authored with Dr. Leonard Horowitz in his masterpiece, “DNA: The Pirates of the Sacred Spiral.”  Dr. Tunsky is currently completing his new revolutionary book titled, “What in the Cell is Going On?”

Tunsky has opened new doors to the world of customized, multi-faceted, integrative human cell restoration treatment protocols.  He applies strategies for full body detoxification, herbology, heavy metal chelation, oxygen/ozone therapy, homeopathy, vibrational medicine, immune modulation therapy, pH modulation, metabolic typing and biological response modifiers.  His non-toxic, non-invasive cellular treatment strategies are directed to a wide spectrum of degenerative, metabolic, and autoimmune disorders that are so prevalent in the 21st century.

Gary’s profound insight into Nutritional Biochemistry has earned him a reputation as one of the top product formulators for cutting edge herbal and nutritional formulas.  He is in the process of formulating the world’s first 24-hour comprehensive, full body detox and cellular cleanse system (Dr. Celltox).

Tunsky’s presentation, “What in the Cell Is Going On,” will be based on the accumulative knowledge and wisdom of compartmentalized, fragmented data and scientific facts.  He has extracted his findings from hundreds of medical research books, thousands of scientific journals/peer reviews, couple with 20 years of clinical experience with close patient observation.  His gifted ability to see outside the box will explain in explicit detail how the cells function, and by correcting cellular malfunction, all disease processes can be reversed by normalizing cell process to homeostasis.

Gary’s profound, world changing revelation of “Cellular Functional Disorder” in the new research field of Cytopathy, i.e., the study of cellular disease, is scientifically grounded in the inter-related synchronized relationships between Molecular Biology, Cell Physiology, Nutritional Biochemistry, Homeopathy, Electrogenetics, Microbiology, Homotoxicology, Clinical Ecology, and Quantum Physics.

Tunsky’s persistent inquiry of the famous, outside-the-box pioneering scientific minds of the 20th and 21st centuries has led him to a profound discovery.  There is no compartmentalized science that in and of itself has all the answers, no matter how much compiled date researchers obtain.  Cellular communication, health, and vitality are built on a synchronized variation of 12 organs and systems interdependent of one another.  Gary’s revolutionary unified theory of the interdependence of the psycho, pulmonary/circulatory, neuroendocrine, muscular skeletal, renal hepatic, gastric, lympho augmentary, immuno systems through cellular ligand receptors and peptide communication links will change the face of medical science.  With the new understanding of biology based on the simplistic understanding of cell function, we will finally recognize the existence of only ONE DISEASE rather than 10,000 plus descriptive labels placed on the ONE DISEASE.  Mainstream science has us believing that there are over 10,000 different diseases, demanding thousands of different treatment protocols.  This medical mistake in breaking up science into the “gist” specialty fields, e.g., neurologist, endocrinologist, cardiologist, etc., has become obsolete and counter productive.

To date, the implementation of Gary’s Grand Unified Theory of “Cellular Functional Disorder” has had a profound impact on uncovering the mysteries to a wide array of disease labels such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome/fibromyalgia, and ALS.  In short, Tunsky is pioneering the way to the leading edge of tomorrow’s paradigm shift to cellular health care and disease prevention.