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Rudy & Merida Gomez

We visited Dr. Gary in Nov 2009 and my husband had been suffering with COPD for 7 years.  The  doctors had been struggling to get him off prednisone, due to it causing diabetes, high blood pressure and glaucoma.  When he was only taking 5mg of the medication, we ended up in the hospital.  His abdomen was large and hard as a rock.  The doctors have given up on him, because there is no more medication for him and he is maxed out!  We have been praying for a solution...  We were invited to see Michael Rood @ Sar Shalom in Brooksville, Fl at a messianic congregation and we had no idea what we were about to learn.  Michael Rood himself testified about his illness and recovery, so we met Dr. Gary Tunsky and started our 21 day detox on Jan 4, 2010.  My husband has been off prednizone, off oxygen, off the nebuelizer and from 2-3 inhales daily to maybe an occasional puff.  He has also lost 20 pounds and 4 notches on his belt.  His tummy is now soft and smaller.  The diabetes and blood pressure is stable.  Our congregation and friends have commented how well he looks, because he's not looking puffy anymore. 

I had a problem losing weight, but I lost 12 pounds and a dress size.  I feel great and am not bloated anymore.  Thank you Dr. Gary, you are God's answered prayer.  We are looking forward to our next visit with you.

Be blessed,

Rudy & Merida Gomez, Kissimmee, Fl



Cindya R. Ramirez

In February,   I  underwent a 21-day cellular detoxification program  – that included fresh, organic vegetable juicing (3 times / day) and taking supplements to rid the body of a host of toxins.   It’s a very intensive plan that even calls for brushing one’s legs, arms and upper chest area (around the clavicles) to stimulate the nervous system which triggers the lymphatic system to get busy!  There are other practices involved…if I shared it all, this email would be a book!!   After the 21 days, I began the restoration phase of the plan – taking botanical supplements and continuing to juice.  In addition, I am incorporating some raw meals (a new learning for me) and drinking ionic water (which assists in making the body more alkaline that acidic).  I call this Plan A – Yahweh’s Plan J. On March 3rd, Vic, my sister and I attended a new patient-kidney transplant orientation.  The entire process for the kidney recipient is quite over whelming  and expensive, especially for those without medical insurance.

On April 7th we attended a new patient evaluation, which was a full day event.  We met the transplant team:  a social worker, who asked me a ton of questions, we met one of the surgeons, who explained the process. We met a nephrologist, who also talked about the disease and answered our questions.  I had my blood drawn twice; Grace had hers drawn too for tissue typing.

We were told that you will soon be receiving a letter from them (LifeLink/Tampa General Hospital) asking if youre still interested in being a living donor.    
Let me testify that since beginning Plan A  I have lost, so far, 18 lbs, and 9.25 inches all over.  Im able to wear clothes Ive had stored for 3 years!!!   When I visited my nephrologist on April 5th, she was beaming; my blood pressure is regulated, my countenance is radiant, and I feel wonderful.  Towards the end of my visit, she told me, keep doing whatever it is youre doing.  Best of all, my kidney function, since 9/2009,  had been at 16% and as of the day of the evaluation  it is 18%  -  the numbers are increasing, which is GOOD!!  HALLELUYAH!!  We were told that anyone with a % of 22 or higher will not be an acceptable candidate for a transplant.   OUR PRAYER OF THANKSGIVING IS FOR A KIDNEY FUNCTION OF 22% OR HIGHER!!!    We know that for Yahweh, this is not impossible.

Though I began the kidney transplant (Plan B),  my hearts desire is on Plan A (Yahwehs Plan) and that is where my faith and works are focused.  So dont be surprised, even if you say Yes in response to the letter youll receive from the transplant team,  that youll have to keep your kidney,  because, Yahweh willing, Plan A will prevail!!!  Thats a win-win situation for all of us  right?!!!

Ive included a link that will lead you to Gary Tunskys website; he is the naturopath that has tailored my detox & restoration plan.   The information he has shared is very good and explains a lot of why we are so unhealthy.  When you visit this link, listen to What in the Cell is Going On.  You will meet Gary Tunsky, and learn as we are learning about disease and disease reversal:

Im going to complete the transplant evaluation (consisting of a series of tests  echo cardiogram, EKG, stress test and a few others).  Once those results are in the transplant teams hands, my file will go before the transplant committee.  I thank Yahweh in advance for being turned down because my kidney function is too high for the requirements J  -  I hope you join me, us, in this prayer! 

Cindya R. Ramirez, 813-388-6920



Mary Woltering

In the spring of '03 a small cancerous lesion appeared on the top of my hand.  Coral-colored at first and excruciatingly painful, it blackened while becoming larger.  It had metastasized to my liver, spleen, pancreas, intestine, lung and urethra.  I was scared.
Prior to the skin eruption, I was listening to shortwave radio.  The guest speaker was talking about healing truths.  Later I read an article he had written, "What In The Cell Is Going On?"  I knew that if I ever got cancer, this author would be my doctor...  Like a brilliant Star in the East, I was being led to God's Plan for Healing.  I was to learn of His Ten Laws of Healing.

Before making that call, I had to decide:     Do I want to live or do I want to die?     Do I follow God's Plan or do I follow man's plan?So it is written; so it is done. 
"Hello, I have cancer.  Can you help me?""Yes.  I will guide you through this.""Will I get well?""Most definitely!"
I will not belabor the physical discomforts of detoxing, though there were many.  If dying cancer cells could speak, they would be screaming, "What in the cell is going on?"

I would like to share some of my healing joys:I work hard in my organic garden/tending to my yard.I drink two gallons of water each day.I get the proper amount of rest.I find strength and inner peace from Psalms 23 and 91.Many angels are in my house and on the roof.  Some go where I go.Reconciliation has been initiated with my children.My diet is 95% raw fruits/vegetables and nuts/seeds.I sprout seeds and gather wild plants to juice.

My exercise program consists of one hour of aerobics and one and one-half hours of anaerobics.  I'm on the treadmill for two-15 minute miles and on the stationary bike for 10 miles computerized for cardio age 46.  My age is 68 years.  After on and one-half hours on the weight machines, I head for 40 minutes in the dry sauna.  A shower completes this day at the gym.

Not since playing softball in highschool and CYO league have I had so much energy.  It is constant and I love it.

I know the Master Healer is using me.  It is a pleasure to serve.

Mary Woltering, 618-526-2519